The above training is conducted over an 8 week period, and involves all the necessary safety and emergency procedures training to become a licensed cabin crew member, as well as preparing you to effectively interface with passengers onboard the Aircraft for the purpose of delivering a high quality onboard service. This training will also help you develop a professional appearance and attitude.

Before registering for the course, the following requirements must be met:

It is advised that the medical examination is done before any fees have been paid towards the above training. (It may form part of your tuition fee)

On completion of the above training, an examination will be written at the SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority). On passing this examination, you will be issued with the Cabin Crew Member Licence, making yourself available for employment with an airline. Although AAFSA can not guarantee employment, we may be able to introduce you to certain airlines.

Student loans may be obtained FNB subject to terms and conditions (SA citizens only). Applications may be done online or you can visit your nearest FNB Branch or apply through AAFSA. There are two loans i.e.

    • Study loan, where AAFSA will give you a proforma invoice which can be taken to any FNB Branch to apply.
    • Personal loans to take care of accommodation costs for you if you do not live in the vicinity and requires accommodation.  The accommodation includes airport transfers, daily transportation to training centre, and breakfast, dinner & washing.
    • Request AAFSA for any additional information regarding other forms of payment